HP Elite & Beyond Staff


HP Elite & Beyond continues to evolve with new progressive technical training methods focusing on developing technically proficient players. HP Elite & Beyond is continuously looking to improve and build upon the training and coaching methods – keeping HP Elite & Beyond ahead of the curve.


For over 25 Years we have been able to touch the lives of thousands of our students with countless elite success stores. Become a part of the evolution of the beautiful game and be a part of HP Elite & Beyond Soccer training. #hpeb


We review each and every individual application and we select players for our clinics based on a specific protocol. Since there is a strong demand for our training program, CLASS ADMISSION is based on the following criteria:

- History with HP Elite & Beyond
- Current level of play/team
- Application date
- Space availability

Our goal is to provide the best possible training environment for player growth and development. To meet this standard, we must maintain small class sizes of players with similar abilities. These small classes of comparable players guarantees everyone more specialized attention.

HP Elite & Beyond is not affiliated with any club nor has any intention to recruit players for any reason. Training with HP Elite & Beyond should be supplemental to what a player does with their HOME club/team.  Our mission is to help each player reach his/her highest potential by developing their individual skills through progressive and intensive technical training methods.