Cali Hutson - HP Elite & Beyond Alumni

Name: Cali Hutson

How old were you when you started?: 
I started working with HP Elite & Beyond when I was 7 years old.

Years spent with HP Elite & Beyond: 
10 + years

Favorite activity at HPEB training sessions?: 
My favorite activity was playing the small sided games where I could just dribble all over the place. I also loved doing any type of shooting drills.

Favorite memory of HPEB training sessions?: 
My favorite memory was training with all the older girls back when I was about 13. All the other girls training were about 16 years or older. After a couple of sessions they all nicknamed me "prod" which was short for prodigy. That really stuck with me. It's not everyday a 13 year old gets to train with division 1 college bound athletes!

College attended: 
I am currently playing at the University of Tennessee. I'm expected to graduate in Spring 2017.

Highest level of soccer: 
Division 1 Collegiate