Sharon Wojcik

Sharon Wojcik


How old were you when you started?: 9 years old.

Years spent with HP Elite & Beyond: 5 years

Favorite activity at HPEB training sessions?: My favorite activity was the small sided games on each side of the indoor field, which really emphasized the use of foot skills.

Favorite memory of HPEB training sessions?: My favorite memory was learning how to properly do various volleys, such as the scissor kick, and Hugo teaching us how to fall correctly to do these volleys and demonstrating it himself.

College attended: Virginia Commonwealth University- graduating in 2016.

Highest level of soccer: College (as of now)

Additional comments: HP Elite and Beyond taught me a basic foundation for learning the correct technique of various different skills needed in soccer. Learning all these foot skills at a young age really made me the soccer player I am today. Attending many clinics throughout the years allowed me to excel past many in my technical ability, and this ability still remains at a very high level to this day. Thanks for everything Hugo, B, Quan, and others!

Current Status: I'm still in school and will be playing my last college season at VCU this upcoming fall. I'm hoping to further my playing career/ look to coach soccer in my future!