Olivia Mackey

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Olivia Mackey

How old were you when you started?: 
I was 4 years old when I first started playing soccer

Years spent with HP Elite & Beyond: 
4 years

Favorite activity at HPEB training sessions?: 
I used to love playing small sided games, but my favorite was learning to volley.

Favorite memory of HPEB training sessions?: 
My favorite memories were always made with my club teammates during the small sided games. We'd joke around with one another if one of us beat the others with different moves pretty badly. And we'd make up team names.

College attended: 
Elon University - Class of 2014

Highest level of soccer: 
Semi-Professional - Seattle Sounders women

Current Status: 
I am currently at home teaching kindergarten and coaching for Loudoun soccer. I am deciding between continuing my teaching career here or going back out to Seattle for another season.