Ashley Manning

Name: Ashley Manning

How old were you when you started?: 12-years old

Years spent with HP Elite & Beyond: 10 + years

Favorite activity at HPEB training sessions?: My favorite activity at HPEB was always the small 2v2 and 3v3 games. I loved these, because you were able to take moves you just learned and try them out in a full speed game. Eventually they became extremely fun because you were no longer thinking of the moves you learned and what situations on the field they work best in, but just doing them! It was always the best how you could practice your 1v1 moves in a setting where it was okay to dribble a bunch.

Favorite memory of HPEB training sessions?: My favorite memory with HPEB was running into training sessions right after school. Then getting put on opposite teams than Skippy (my sister, teammate) and having to drive home together with someone who won and someone who usually bitterly lost because we were always very competitive with each other.

College attended: Virginia Tech

Highest level of soccer: College Level

Current Status: After getting trained by Hugo, Quan, and Bi for 6 years, I work with HPEB training kids in the position I was once in.